Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD #003 Royal Blue 11.26.13


To begin with, I got this product on a super deal at Five Below for a rock bottom price of $1.50, they had 3 colors total at my local one, so if you are interested in this product, I would say pick it up, can’t get much better then that!


The one that I chose personally was #003 Royal Blue, but to me it looks more like a dull green.  I always start off my shadow application with some sort of eye lid primer so I don’t get any creasing or smudging, well, besides the smudging I want.  Due to this fact, if you do not use eye lid primer, the color may apply differently or look different then in my photos.  I usually use Urban Decay brand primer, specifically.  I also use brushes for application, not the included applicator.

So, I just followed the guide on the back of the palette as a guide for their recommended application just to see how it would turn out.


The eye shadow didn’t apply as smoothly as I normally like and took quite a few grabs into the pot to get the color that I wanted, and I had to fight a bit to get it close to the top lash line.  Once it was on though, it is a nice shade and doesn’t change much from the color in the palette.  The black for below the lash line did smudge off rather quickly though, but I hadn’t put any primer on first, so I’m sure if I would have it would of stayed much better.  I definitely would recommend putting a primer on with this shadow because I do feel that it will smudge and degrade quickly without it.  I didn’t have any sensitivity issues with the product either, which is nice, so it isn’t a very irritating brand if you have similar sensitive eyes like I do.  




If you have any questions, or comments please leave them below and I will answer them as soon as I can.  Thanks for reading!


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