Geek Chic Cosmetics Eyeshadow


I was introduced to the Geek Chic ( brand lately when my best friend purchased some for me as a present.  It comes in 5g containers with a screw on cap and sifter and loose.  I have to admit, I don’t have much experience with loose powder so it took me a little bit to get the hang of not creating fallout EVERYWHERE.  I did get it down though!

As usual, I will state how I applied my makeup, so that way you know why your’s may look differently if you use this same product.  I applied Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in original before application.  With loose powder I would recommend a primer just because it will grab the powder and hold on to it better.  I used a brush, not a sponge applicator, I never use the sponge applicators actually.  They never seem to put out the same coverage for me personally, and its easier to blend with brushes or smudgers.  I also patted on the shadow rather then swept it on, reduces fallout and makes for darker pigmentation.

What I love about this brand is that everything is themed towards geek/nerds, which I am a proud member of this group of fun people! The swatches were done on my arm under lamp light, no flash and no primer.

The colors I got are:

Brotherhood of Crows from the Win or Die series (Game of Thrones)



Blood Wine from the Go Boldly series (Star Trek)



Sexy in Suspenders from the Timey Wimey series (Doctor Who/Torchwood)



My favorite is definitely Sexy in Suspenders, but, I am a huge Doctor Who fan so that’s no surprise.  It is a nice neutral color that can go with almost any other color is why I love it so much.  Both the looks I’m going to show are using Sexy in Suspenders on the inside of the eye and then either Brotherhood of Crows or Blood Wine on the outside.  I figured this would be the best way to show the colors without just making a huge blended eye of all three.  I have tried that, and it looked good, but this is better for showing colors.

Sexy in Suspenders/Brotherhood of Crows


Sexy in Suspenders/Blood Wine


Overall I love these colors, and they don’t irritate my eyes at all, which is great with having sensitivities.  They blend well, but you do need to watch the fall out, which I just clean up with a bit of scotch tape and voila, clean!  They have 106 shadows currently and I personally plan on buying every single one, there isn’t a single shade I don’t like.  I am getting some one of their Joysticks (lipsticks) in and also a Geek Gloss, and when I do I will give them both a review for you guys.  They are currently closed as of this posting due to catching up with Black Friday orders, but, they will reopen before the end of December.  Visit to view their whole line.  Thanks for reading everyone!


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