ellagee Indie Nail Polish


I know it has been a while, but I’m back with a new review!  In the past few months I’ve been getting more into nail polish, and as with my makeup habits, I have a tendency towards indie brands.  Not that mainstream big names are always bad, I just love supporting home businesses, and I usually don’t have allergic reactions to indie brands.

I discovered a few different companies,  but my current obsession company is ellagee.  I discovered it through another indie nail polish creator in the Fi-Bros For Life collab box, a box dedicated to fibromyalgia.  I purchased this box and tried the glitter topper named Chronic Badass.  I liked it and wanted to try a regular nail polish from them.

I ended up purchasing her mini 3 pack so I could get a variety to try. I picked Dolphins Of The Caribbean,  Obsidian Glass and Rainbow Syrup.  I’ve since used all three, and fell in love completely. 

First up is both Obsidian Glass and Rainbow Syrup since I did them together. Both went on smooth and dried very quickly.  They self leveled superbly as well.  No real softness issues at all.  Here is a shot of them.


A little messy, but I was excited to show the amazing holo of Rainbow Syrup.  Obsidian Glass is a black jelly polish, and Rainbow Syrup is an awesome holo topper that doesn’t muddle the original color at all.  It sparkles like crazy too.

Next up is Dolphins Of The Caribbean.   This is a blue ocean like color with sparkles and dolphin glitters.  Definitely reminds me of dolphins in the ocean!


Just the same as the other ones, dried well, and self leveled so nicely. 

She currently is in preorder for an awesome Doctor Who themed collection,  and has many other colors on her website. Please check her out at http://ellagee.com.  Also, check her out on Instagram,  and Facebook as she updates all the time.  Thanks for reading!!


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