Chirality Nrrrd Girl Review


Hi everyone!  Sorry about the late review but we had a massive weekend over at this house.  We got to go see Walking With Dinosaurs Live while my husband was visiting his Dad, and then had a big day out when he came home Sunday.  Anywho, on to the review!

I picked up some sample sizes from Chirality Nail Polish a few weeks ago.  All 3 are beautiful, but I decided to try Nrrrd Girl out first since I’ve been in a pink mood, and it screams out to the nerd in me.  Below is a picture of the 3 colors I purchased.  From left to right, Nrrrd Girl (mc chris series), Raisin Gein (cereal killers series) and Echelon,  a discontinued polish that is still available at the time of this writing.


mc chris for those that don’t know, is a nerdcore rapper who does songs about many different things in the nerd/geek scene.  Chirality has a whole collection inspired by him.  Here is a close up of just the Nrrrd Girl.


The polish went on smoothly, and had a decent drying time, as long as you let each layer dry first.  Opacity is obtained in about 2 layers, but I did 3 to dig for more glitter. The only real issue I had with the polish at all I that I had to fish for glitter.  She did say in the listing, however, to turn the bottle upside down and shake before application because the heavier glitters will sink.  I did the shaking but missed the bit about turning it upside down for a few minutes, so I may have better luck when I put Raisin Gein on. 

Shipping was prompt and everything came in individual bubble wrap, picture below.


And now for the most important pictures, the mani!  I used Duri Revacote and then Orly Bonder basecoat. 3 layers of Nrrrd Girl and topped with Sally Hansen Quick Dry Topcoat.  Nail art used was some decals I got at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

In bright sunlight:


Closeup indirect sunlight:


Indirect sunlight:


Closeup indirect sunlight:


Please go check out Chirality and all her beautiful products at her website here, and the mc chris For The Win collection here. Hope you enjoyed!  Have a wonderful day!


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