Tater Rounds Beauty – Zombie Girl Collection Review


Welcome everyone!   This week I decided to take on a challenge and review a whole collection, rather than just a polish or just makeup.  I found Tater Rounds Beauty a while back on etsy, just doing my normal browse through indies that I do.  I decided to pick something up from one of the many indie vendors I have saved on etsy and came across the Zombie Girl Collection on her page.  Not only did it have an awesome theme and purple stuff, god do I love purple, it was on sale too.  At the time of this writing she does still have it available and on sale, if you don’t see it up, definitely contact her, she is very easy to talk to.  She also send a nice amount of samples my way.  I didn’t do a look with them, but they are swatched. 

So first, the packaging.  It came in a media sized flat rate postal box with tissue paper and packing peanuts.   Then everything inside was packaged like this.


The green bag contained the collection and the pink envelope contained the samples.  Everything was wrapped well, and nothing was damaged in shipping.  Here is everything once I opened it all up.


You gotta love those cute little piggies!  Now, on her listings it says she doesn’t use labels, but obviously my shadows and samples had them.  She may just be switching over at this point and need to redo descriptions.  I like labels personally,  so I know what color I need to look for if I want to reorder.  As far as I know all items in this collection can be ordered seperately accept the Zombie color, but she does say contact her if you would like to order in the listing.

Here are the descriptions of everything that came in the collection,  taken straight from the listing.

Violet Eyes – metallic shimmer purple
Dark Horse- A satin pure black, dark as the night sky
Purple Swim Suit – A super bright purple with golden shimmer
Zombie – A limey yellow green with a intense shimmer

Lip Gloss
Seductive Berry- A berry purpleish red

Nail Polish
Virus – A purple blue mix of color with black glitter mixed through it

And now some swatches to show all the sparkly goodness.  If you want to see a video go here.


All colors are listed, first photo is with flash and second is in natural light. The first 4 are what are included in the collection, and the last 4 are the samples I recieved. Shadow above description was applied without primer, below was, using my go to MBA’s Shadow Poxy .  Obviously as per norm, colors are darker and cling better to the primer, and that’s why I always recommend it. The colors were still very pigmented without the primer as well, just a softer look.  I really liked all the colors, and everything applied well and “clung” to the primer on my lid.  Violet Eyes is my favorite by far, super sparkly and looks amazing put on with a damp brush.

Here’s the swatch of the included lip gloss, Seductive Berry, and the sample, Black Orchid.


Both applied well and had great pigment, I’m probably going to pick up a full size of Black Orchid when I run out of the sample.   The only warning I have here is to keep it in a cool place.  My upstairs isn’t air conditioned and it got pretty soft, but that’s pretty normal with the organic stuff.  It still applied well, I just needed to be more gentle with it.

Here is the look I did with the collection.


Everything stayed on very well. I put Purple Swim Suit all over the lid as a base then blended Violet Eyes into the outer corner and into the middle. Then I used Dark Horse in the crease and used a little more Purple Swim Suit to blend it out and up.  I used Zombie along the lower lash line and around the tear duct and blended that in to the lid. I lined my waterline with UD’s Black Velvet and did mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Other Products Used
-Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 1.0
-Geek Chic Cosmetics Foundation Powder in Codex
-Geek Chic Blush in Newb
-Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Black Velvet on the waterline
-Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
-Smashbox Brow Tech Trio in Taupe/Soft Brown

Up next, nail polish!  It was opaque at 3 coats and has a unique look with the micro glitter and the larger black glitter.  It dried quicky, and had plenty of glitter in each swipe, so I didn’t need to dig for it at all.  For the nail art I attempted the make your own nail sticker method, and and added blue rhinestones.  I think it looks ok, but this was my first attempt at nail art.  The first shot is in shade and the second is in direct sunlight.


And here is the micro shot.


And that’s it.  I tried to make it not terribly picture heavy, but there was a lot to show!  Overall I’m happy with the whole set and will be purchasing more.  If you want to buy this set click here and to visit her main site click here. Thanks for reading. ^_^


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