Sons of Anarchy Mani: Ellagee Vashta Nerada & Lacquer By Lissa Review


This week’s review is a little smaller, but is still a few products.  I decided to give ellagee another review since my technique has gotten better since the last review I did of her products.  I also got vinyl nail decals from Lacquer By Lissa.  I contacted Lissa with an idea to do decals based on the show Sons of Anarchy.  She was extremely helpful and easy to work with.  If you have something you want on your nails in decal form, she’s the lady to talk to. We settled on the decals you’ll see, and I was beyond pleased with the end result.  If you don’t know Sons of Anarchy I suggest checking it out.  It’s about a gun running biker club, but it’s so much better than that. First up, the products I used for this week’s mani.


I used Ghostwood from Geek Chic Cosmetics for a base on my accent nail to do a gradient look with Vashta Nerada from ellagee and Celeb City from Sally Hansen.  Here is a picture of the information on the bottles for color.


I used ellagee’s glass topcoat, and oh boy, this stuff is completely and totally awesome.  It dried quickly, self leveled and shines oh so bright.  I think it’s going to be my holy grail top coat, I’ll keep you guys updated on it as I use it over time. Now time for the mani!


The above picture was taken in shade.


The above picture was taken in direct sunlight.

The decals from Lacquer By Lissa were easy to use.  The nice thing about these is if you let your nails dry completely, crucial step, you can keep readjusting them till you get them where you want. I didn’t notice any shrinkage or curling of them after the top coat was applied either.  Vashta Nerada,  inspired by one of the villians of Doctor Who and one of the scariest bad guys in my opinion, is gorgeous.   I was looking for a blacked blue for this look, but didn’t want it to be simple.  This definitely is not. It has sparkles of silver and even purple in it when you take a close look at it.  It was opaque with 2 coats and dried quickly, like most ellagee polishes.  This is still my current obsession brand, just because I haven’t been disappointed by one of her polishes yet.  Here is a macro shot to show detail.


If you haven’t tried either of these ladies’ stores out, I highly recommend it!  I will definitely be going to Lissa for more decals as idea strike me, and Laura from ellagee isn’t going to stop making polishes I obsess over any time soon.

If you want to purchase from either of them please visit ellagee here and Lacquer By Lissa here.  Direct links to products used below.

Lacquer By Lissa Sons of Anarchy Decals
ellagee Vashta Nerada Polish
ellagee Glass Top Coat
Geek Chic Cosmetics Ghostwood Polish
Sally Hansen Celeb City

It was definitely fun using two products based on two of my favorite shows, and as always, thanks for reading!! ^_^


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