Update 8.20.14


There has been an uptake in entries for the giveaway since Lace and Lacquers put up this post, so get your entries in!  There’s about 6 days left and counting down.  Also, I’m still going to be covering makeup, since this did start out as a makeup blog, but I think I’m not going to be doing makeup and nails half and half any more.  It’s going more towards polish and nails and nail art, but don’t worry, if there are any indie/artisan brand requests I will do my best to make sure to review them, whether they be nail polish or makeup.  I’m going to be posting a picture over on the instagram tonight of things that are going to be reviewed in the next few weeks.  Also, I’m entertaining the idea of doing 2 reviews a week instead of one, but I have to see how my daughter starting kindergarten is first.  This would mean I wouldn’t be able to show a week a wear on nail polish any more like I do on instagram each week, but I would still post the wear for how many days I did wear it if you guys still like that idea.  Well, that’s it for now, make sure to follow me on facebook and instagram for other and more updates.  Thanks for reading!! ^_^


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