I,A.M…CustomColor: Zim’s Giant Radioactive Pants Review


This week I am reviewing I,A.M…CustomColor’s polish inspired by the television show Invader Zim.  This one is called Zim’s Giant Radioactive Pants,  and is a red/orange linear holo. My husband picked this one for me since I couldn’t decide.  Sadly since I purchased this color it has been discontinued, at least for now.  She does still have a few colors left inspired from the series here.  A lot of items in her shop are currently on sale, so I would definitely recommend looking through all of it, plus shipping is included. She has many other products besides polish too, like bath products and makeup.  Now on to the packaging!


The packaging was super adorable.  As soon as I took these pictures my 5 year old daughter stole the pipe cleaner, bag and mustache ring.  I’m going to do a review on the eyeshadows as well at some point, my allergies were just kicking my butt this week.  Everything was wrapped nicely and arrived safe and in a timely manner.


Top left is in shade, below it is with flash and to the right is in direct sunlight.   I went with a simple theme to not hide all the glorious holo shine.  I used green rhinestones for Zim/Gir and stars for outerspace, since they are aliens. ^_^  I love how much holo is packed into this polish.  It screams out sparkles in person.  The polish was a great consistency, dried quickly and was opaque in two coats.  Products used for this mani was a layer of Duri Rejuvacode, Orly Bonder, 2 coats of the polish and ellagee’s Glass Topcoat. Now it’s time for the macro shots.



I did two macros this time just because this one needed some showing off.  Both were taken under LED light to show holo.

I absolutely love this polish, and everything about it.  No complaints at all.  I’m hoping to pick a few more up from the remaining Zim themed polishes when I can.  Definitely check out her whole shop, once again it’s I,A.M…CustomColor.  Thanks for reading. ^_^


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