Update 9.1.14


I was searching around the internet for light boxes, and have been planning on building one.  Even though they aren’t horribly expensive to build, I haven’t had extra funds to do so.  Well, low and behold, I found one I like on Amazon, that is a all in one kit and perfect for the needs of a sometimes crafter, always taking pictures of my nails, blogger. 

Now, it’s not super expensive, once again,  but it’s on sale so I want to try to get the money up quickly so I don’t end up paying more for it later.  If I can manage to sell some of my craft items I would be able to afford it in a heartbeat, and that’s where you guys come in. 

I posted some of my wares up on etsy to raise the money to get the light box,  and I figured I’d post about it here and get the word out.  I’ll be posting some more stuff throughout the week as I go through my craft boxes and get things inventoried and listed.  If you take a look, thank you!  If you buy something, thank you even more!  If you like something and have suggestions, or possibly something custom, please let me know.  Link to my shop: Total Takeover.

As always, thanks for reading ^_^


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