Polish Addict Nail Color: Sea Witch Review


Today I have Sea Witch from Polish Addict Nail Color aka PANC.  It is a bright neon purple/pink color with purple and holo glitter.  This was a summer color and has since been discontinued, but I still wanted to so it to everyone.


It looks more purple and darker in the bottle than on the nail, but it’s still a very pretty color either way.


Top left picture is in shade, below is with flash, and to the right is in sunlight.  I did a little piece of seaweed and left the other nails just the color to show off the polish.


Application was pretty good, but as with most glitter packed polish sometimes I had to go back for a little more since it’s a little thicker than a cream polish may be.  I did have little chunks of color in the polish that were larger than the glitter, and I may have just shaken it well enough before application.

Dry time wasn’t super fast, but wasn’t super slow either.  I’d just let it dry well between layers and you should be good.  I didn’t have any smearing issues while it was drying either. Obtained opacity with 2 coats of polish.  Overall I feel it’s an awesome polish and I love the bright color pay off.

Polish was applied with a layer of Duri Revacote,  Orly Bonder, two layers of Sea Witch, and two layers of ellagee’s glass topcoat to smooth out the bumps.

Please visit Polish Addict Nail Color and check out her newly released galaxy inspired colors and a Sons of Anarchy thermal polish, which I myself will be purchasing in the near future.   As always, thanks for reading!  ^_^


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