I,A.M…CustomColor: Tak: Hideous New Girl (Invader Zim Part 2 Release)


Today I have something special for you guys. This is Tak: Hideous New Girl, a brand new polish from I,A.M…CustomColor This 5 piece collection is set to release later this month. This is going to be a picture heavy post, but I wanted to show the polish in all of its glory!


Don’t you just love her new labels! They were created by Lou It Yourself.


Yay, light box! I absolutely love this polish. It’s a beautiful purple holo, and it sparkles like crazy, just like my previous review.


I used a color from her Invader Zim Part 1 release for the nail art. The color is Idiot Dog Brain and is currently on sale for $8 with free shipping. It is being discontinued, so pick one up while you can!

In sunlight:

In shade:




Macro with flash:



The polish applied well and wasn’t to thick or to thin. I used a layer of Duri Revacote, then a layer of Orly Bonder, and did three layers of Tak: Hideous New Girl. I could of gotten away with two layers to reach opacity, but decided on three to be extra careful. I used I,A.M…CustomColor’s topcoat, Diamond Pro and needed just one coat for shiny coverage. I topped it all off with her cuticle oil in the glorious scent of Monkey Farts. This is the best smelling cuticle oil I’ve ever used, and worked well on my beaten up cuticles.

Overall, I love the polish, and didn’t have any issues with it. Dry time was a little longer because I did three layers, but nothing ridiculous.

If you haven’t tried I,A.M…CustomColor, I would highly suggest it. To keep up to date with all her new releases and sales, please visit all her outlets below. As always, thanks for reading! ^_^



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