Smokey Mountain Lacquers: Twilight Adventure Review


Today I have Smokey Mountain Lacquers new fall polish Twilight Adventure up for review.  This is my first polish from her and I was excited to try it.


Twilight Adventure is an ultra chrome that shifts between purple, blue, and green.  It was hard to capture all the beautiful shifts in the polish.  I was unable to get a sun picture since the outdoors weren’t cooperating, but if I catch it when I’m outside I will post it to my Instagram.   Here are a few shots of it at different angles.




I did three thin layers of the polish and I believe it would of looked a bit better with four.  Here is a macro with LED light to show more shift.


You can definitely see the blue more in this photo.  Dry time did take a smidge longer, but it wasn’t horrible.  The polish wasn’t thick at all and applied well.  Overall I really liked this polish and plan on purchasing more.

Products used: Duri Revacote,  Orly Bonder,  Smokey Mountain Lacquers’ Twilight Adventure,  ellagee Glass Topcoat.

If you want to visit the shop click here, and for the polish click here.  Thanks for reading!  ^_^


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