Dollish Polish: Look At The Flowers Lizzie Review


This Wednesday review I did something more simple since I’ve been pretty sick all week, but still wanted to get something up for you guys!  I chose Dollish Polish, Look At The Flowers Lizzie.  This is available as a mini, which is in the last link, or full size here.  I will be linking to the mini through the post, since that’s what I bought. ^_^

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the forth season of The Walking Dead,  this post contains spoilers (totally said in a River Song voice).  So read no further and to see just swatches go to my instagram here.  Remember,  SPOILERS, I warned you!!

This is a colab between Dollish Polish and Accio Lacquer for the first Fandom Collection.  The second collection has been released, and both are definitely worth checking out!


The minis are 9 mL, which is nice since most minis are 5 mL, that’s almost twice the amount for about the same price of $5.00.  This polish was inspired by one of the most dramatic, gut wrenching scenes in the fourth season of The Walking Dead, when Lizzie was told to look at the flowers before her crazy little butt was taken out by Carol.  As a huge Walking Dead fan, I had to get it as soon as I saw it, it’s so messed up that a child had to die, but it really shows how cruel that world can be.

There is so much glitter in this polish, with absolutely no fishing at all.  I did let it sit upside down overnight, like I usually do, and gave it a good shake before I used it.  It is so packed with glitter I doubt there would be many fishing issues either way.



The formula is amazing in this polish, I couldn’t believe how well it applied and how fast it dried.   I used four very thin coats to reach this opacity.  It’s very sheer with one coat, so it could definitely be used as a topper as well.  I also used Glitter Be Gone peel off basecoat from Dainty Digits Polish.  I will be posting a review of that later this week.


Products used: Dainty Digit Polish Glitter Be Gone Basecoat,  Dollish Polish Look At The Flowers Lizzie,  Duri Revacote,  ellagee Glass Topcoat.

I really love this polish and can’t wait to try out my other purchases from Dollish Polish.  Definitely check out her main page here and her retired/clearance page on etsy here, which has restocks once a week, and rotating stock.  As always, thanks for reading!  ^_^


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