Creative Cuticles Nail Polish: Nebula Review


I’ve been drooling over this polish for a while, and couldn’t wait to get it on my nails once it came in.  It’s Creative Cuticles Nail Polish Nebula.  I’ve seen a lot of galaxy inspired nail polishes, but to me, this is the best looking one, and really invokes the look.


This is the soon to be retired bottle, since they have been discontinued by the manufacturer, so if you order Nebula it may come in a different bottle.  Here are a few macro shots of the polish in the bottle.


With the holo, and different colors of glitter it really turns into a multi dimensional look through the black jelly base.





I’ll be posting a short video on my Instagram this weekend to show how it sparkles as well.  I did my accent finger over the discontinued silver polish, Mr. Fix It, to show how you can either layer it by itself, or top another color with it.

Under LED:


This polish had an average dry time, and was thinner than some other jellies I’ve used, but it made it easier to apply, and was very even.  I did three layers by itself, and just one over Mr. Fix It.

Products used: Dainty Digit Polish Glitter Be Gone basecoat, CCNP Nebula, Duri Revacote,  ellagee Glass topcoat.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product,  and the owner of CCNP, Kayla, is a wonderful person and very easy to talk to if you have any questions or concerns.  All her media outlets will be listed below, and as always, thanks for reading! ^_^



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