Dainty Digits Polish: Glitter Be Gone Review


I decided to cover something a little different for this review,  Dainty Digits Polish easy glitter removal basecoat, Glitter Be Gone.  It’s very inexpensive at only $3.00. 


I have never tried a peel off basecoat before, and kept seeing this one pop up on Instagram.  It definitely does what it’s suppose to.


This is a polish I reviewed a few weeks ago.  As you can see it has lot of little bits and pieces in it.  All of them peeled right off.  My daughter actually stole them and pretended they were fake plastic nails!  You can pick at it with you nails, but I recommend using an orange stick, so you don’t risk damage to your nails.


As you can see, everything came off.  I didn’t even do a manicure before taking this picture.  Now of course because this is a peel off basecoat it is more likely to to come off, but it is amazing if you swatch, or if you aren’t planning on wearing it for a while. 

For application,  definitely use a thin coat.  It takes about 5 minutes to completely dry, but if you put a thick coat on it seems to not dry right.   As long as you do that, it will work like a charm.  All of Dainty Digits Polish’s information is below, and as always, thanks for reading! ^_^



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