Cinema Swatch Lacquers: The Walking Dead Trio Review


I figured since The Walking Dead is back this Sunday (YAY!!!!) I’d do a review on The Walking Dead Trio from Cinema Swatch Lacquers.  This was a limited edition release, and at the time of this writing she has one complete set left.  The three polishes are themed after a few of the characters from the show, and I’m very glad I was able to snag one of these.


From L to R we have, Katanas and Hugs, Ricktatorship, and Last Man Standing.  I love the unique bottles that she uses.

Katana and Hugs is themed after Michonne.  This is my favorite out of the group.  I absolutely love the splatter of red in the silver, like walker blood on her katana.



Ricktatorship is themed after Rick, of course.  It’s has brown and red glitters in it to represent how he’s always dirty and sometimes blood covered.



Last Man Standing is themed after the fan favorite,  Daryl.  Beth told him last season that he would be the last man standing,  and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s right.  It is a deep blackened red, with sparks of red through it.



Now that you’ve seen the macros, I think it’s time for the whole mani!


I really liked how this turned out, though I was trying to do a gradient at first, but the base just absorbed into the sponge and I couldn’t get it to work.  This polish is a bit thin,  and I had a few issues with thinking it was cleaned off enough and having plops of polish end up on me, or the table.   Once I got a handle on it though,  it applied well and evenly.  I used three coats of each color to reach opacity.  Dry time was good, and I didn’t have any smudging issues.

Products used:  Duri Revacote,  Orly Bonder basecoat,  CSL polish, I, A.M CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.

All information for the shop is below, and as always, thanks for reading! ^_^



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