I,A.M CustomColor: What Medicine? Duo Review


Earlier this month I covered (here) the release of the three new sets for I,A.M. CustomColor’s Rebel 4 A Cause Series.  This is going to be a review of the duo for October from the What Medicine? Collection, and they can be purchased seperately here.  25% of each purchase goes to Doctors Without Borders


On the left is Secret Serum, a green shifty holo and on the right is Outbreak, a beautiful Halloweenish glitter topper.

Here is Secret Serum alone:


I had a hard time catching all the shifty goodness from this, but it looks amazing in person.

Here is Secret Serum topped with Outbreak, and an accent nail with just Outbreak:


I love Outbreaks colors,  it makes me think Halloween, but really makes me think of the video game series Resident Evil for some reason.


Here are macro shots.  Top is normal lighting,  bottom is under LED.

Secret Serum felt a little thicker than her normal formula, but I’m attributing that to how jam packed with holo it is.  It didn’t make it hard to work with at all either.  Outbreak was pretty easy to get the glitter out, but of course, with larger pieces make sure you let the bottle sit upside down for about 5-10 minutes, and roll it between your hands.

Products used: Dainty Digits Polish Glitter Be Gone basecoat,  I,A.M. CustomColor Secret Serum and Outbreak,  I,A.M. CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.

All information for the store is below, and as always, thanks for reading! ^_^



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