Proper Polish: Raspberry Scented Polish Review


I had purchased this a while back, but suddenly got some polishes with swatch due dates so I to put this one on the back burner.  I’m so happy I finally got to it!  This is Raspberry from Proper Polish.  It’s an awesome pink/purple jelly that’s super packed with varying pink and purple glitters.  What’s even cooler is it smells like raspberries when dry! 



I was a little hesitant to try scented polish at first since I have sensitivities to a lot of smells, but this is perfect.  Without topcoat it is a stronger smell, but you can totally still smell it with topcoat,  and neither are overpowering.   I’m unsure why the jelly looks brown in the bottle, as you will see below, it really isn’t that shade at all.




I used two coats for this look, but you could use one or even three, depending on what you’re going for.  The formula is on the thick side, but was still easy to work with.  I can’t stop moving my hands around watching all the wonderful glitter sparkle.

Products used: Duri Revacote, Orly Bonder basecoat,  Proper Polish Raspberry,  I,A.M. CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.

All information for the shop is below, and as always, thanks for reading!  ^_^



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