Daily Hues Nail Lacquer: Winter/Holiday Collection Review


Today I have for you part of the Winter and Holiday release from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer.  First up are two of the six colors in the Winter Collection.   Charolette, a beautiful terracotta rose color and Violet, a satiny light purple.  Both of these colors are available matte or glossy, I’m going to be showing the glossy versions.





Both colors applied like a dream and had excellent dry time.  I did two coats to reach opacity.

Products used: Duri Revacote, Orly Bonder basecoat, Charolette or Violet, I, A.M. CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.

Up next I have Holly, a rich green holo, and Eve, a packed silver holo glitter that is opaque in two coats.  Rather than do a normal swatch with Eve I did something fun with it.





My nail art skills are still lacking, but it takes practice, right?  Eve applied well and dried quickly and you can see how blingy it is even just in the stripes!  Holly is gorgeous, but, clean up was a bit of a pain with it.  I expected as much though since it’s a highly pigmented darker color and those types of polish usually are a little more stubborn during clean up.  The clean up is definitely worth it with the color and holo pay off.  I used two coats of Holly, but probably could of used one.

Products used: Dainty Digits Glitter Be Gone basecoat,  Holly and Eve, I, A.M. CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.

Overall I loved all the polishes, even with the clean up.  All contact information for the store is below, and as always, thanks for reading!  ^_^



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