Night Owl Cosmetics: August Mystery Box Review


So, as I’ve said in some of my other posts, I have a nasty allergy to parabens, and probably a few other ingredients in a lot of mainstream or cheap makeup.  I use to be subscribed to Ipsy, but it ended up not being worth it to me because I was allergic to half the stuff I got in it.  I’ve been on a search to try some indie/artisan mystery boxes, since they seem so far, to not irritate me.  I found Night Owl Cosmetics and saw she has a monthly mystery box.  

The difference between a mystery box and subscription box like Ipsy is that you don’t have the money automatically taken out each month, you have to go an purchase it each month.  This is nice because if you don’t have money one month you don’t have to go through the hassle of canceling a subscription.  Plus, all the items are made by Night Owl Cosmetics personally, so you know who hand their hands in the product you’re getting.  So now for some photos!


I love that you get a card listing each thing you recieved and the details.  It’s nice for reordering, plus it’s all in one place.  The packaging is also very nice and makes you feel like you got a present!

I loved everything in this box.  My first thought when I opened the package was, “What is this amazing smell?!?”.  It was the Pink Sugared Grapefruit Wax Tart.  Now, I didn’t own a tart warmer before getting this box, but I sure as heck have one now.  The tart lasted for a long time, and smelled just as amazing melted as it did in the package.  I was very sad when it was done.  As of this writing there won’t be tarts in the shop at the grand opening on August 31, but will be in the near future.

Now for the perfume!  I haven’t found a lot of perfume oils I like.  Most are too strong or irritate my skin.  Not with Beach Tea Party!  No irritation at all, and smells amazing too.  I used it as soon as I got it.  I’m planning on getting the full size roller ball perfume as soon as I run out of the sample size.  My husband even said it smelled really good.

I also got two polishes in the mystery box, Nude My Frank and Blue Shark.  Nude My Frank is up first.


First photo is in shade, second is in the sun.  I really enjoy the nude polish with the bright contrast of the glitters, and I’m not usually a nude colored type of gal.


There is a lot of sparkle in this too, the photos really don’t do it justice, you just have to see it in person.  I did have to fish just a little bit for the bigger glitter, but it wasn’t too bad.  I did have both of the polishes sitting upside down before use to help move the large glitters to the top.  I did two layers of polish to reach opacity with this one.


Same as above, first photo is in the shade and the second is in the sun.  Blue Shark is a white crelly with tons of glitter, no fishing at all in this one.  I love this one a lot, it’s definitely more in my normal choice spectrum.   I’ve been on a severe white with colored glitter kick recently too.


This polish is totally drool worthy.  I used 3 layers of polish to reach this coverage.  Both polishes dried pretty quickly, but I’d definitely recommend dry time between layers with both of them, they stayed squishy for a little bit. 

With both polishes I did a layer of Duri Revacote,  then Orly Bonder, and topped both with ellagee’s topcoat glass.

The only small complaint I had about this box was that the wax from the tart was kind of on everything, so I had to wipe it all down after I took it out. I would like to see it wrapped in a small amount of tissue paper, or some type of paper, just to keep it from rubbing on the other items and leaving the residue. Otherwise this was a giant hit for me, I loved everything else about it.

Night Owl Cosmetics has her grand opening scheduled for August 31.  Check out her Facebook and Instagram for updates on everything, it should be a fun opening!  As always, thanks for reading! ^_^