Update 12.26.14


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been super busy with the holidays and been having some personal stuff going on.  I will have a new post about I, A.M CustomColor’s LE holiday polishes this Saturday, and if you don’t want to wait, visit her store now, and use the code holodaze14 for 25% off!  Thanks for sticking around,  and I hope everyone had or is having a wonderful holiday!  


Update 11.27.14


Happy Thanksgiving, or, Happy Thursday if you don’t celebrate!  The lack of posts are due to two things,  one, the holiday makes it hard to sit down and do my nails,  and two, my epic giveaway!  I’ve been revealing prizes once a day over on my Instagram leading up to my Birthdayversary Giveaway, starting November 30.  I coined the term Birthdayversary since I’m having the giveaway between the one year anniversary of the blog, November 23, and my birthday,  December 2!  I’ll have more details on November 30 when the giveaway starts, and if you want to see what’s in the prize pack check out Instagram.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Update 9.1.14


I was searching around the internet for light boxes, and have been planning on building one.  Even though they aren’t horribly expensive to build, I haven’t had extra funds to do so.  Well, low and behold, I found one I like on Amazon, that is a all in one kit and perfect for the needs of a sometimes crafter, always taking pictures of my nails, blogger. 

Now, it’s not super expensive, once again,  but it’s on sale so I want to try to get the money up quickly so I don’t end up paying more for it later.  If I can manage to sell some of my craft items I would be able to afford it in a heartbeat, and that’s where you guys come in. 

I posted some of my wares up on etsy to raise the money to get the light box,  and I figured I’d post about it here and get the word out.  I’ll be posting some more stuff throughout the week as I go through my craft boxes and get things inventoried and listed.  If you take a look, thank you!  If you buy something, thank you even more!  If you like something and have suggestions, or possibly something custom, please let me know.  Link to my shop: Total Takeover.

As always, thanks for reading ^_^

Update 8.20.14


There has been an uptake in entries for the giveaway since Lace and Lacquers put up this post, so get your entries in!  There’s about 6 days left and counting down.  Also, I’m still going to be covering makeup, since this did start out as a makeup blog, but I think I’m not going to be doing makeup and nails half and half any more.  It’s going more towards polish and nails and nail art, but don’t worry, if there are any indie/artisan brand requests I will do my best to make sure to review them, whether they be nail polish or makeup.  I’m going to be posting a picture over on the instagram tonight of things that are going to be reviewed in the next few weeks.  Also, I’m entertaining the idea of doing 2 reviews a week instead of one, but I have to see how my daughter starting kindergarten is first.  This would mean I wouldn’t be able to show a week a wear on nail polish any more like I do on instagram each week, but I would still post the wear for how many days I did wear it if you guys still like that idea.  Well, that’s it for now, make sure to follow me on facebook and instagram for other and more updates.  Thanks for reading!! ^_^

Facebook Giveaway!


I’m running a giveaway for reaching 100 fans on my facebook page, but decided to cross post to all my media outlets!  The gift pack is pictured below.  At this time I am only shipping to US domestic addresses until I learn more about shipping polish internationally.  Please read the option comment on blog there is a question I want you to answer when you comment.   Link to rafflecopter below.  All prizes were purchased by me and I am not being sponsored by anyone.  Good luck everyone! Ends August 26.



Update 8.6.14


The review this week is gonna be a big one, reviewing a collection this time!   Also, if you haven’t followed me on facebook, I’m going to have a giveaway starting once that page hits 100 likes.  I’ve already started picking up items for the giveaway pack, and I’m going to start showing previews soon!  Right now it’s at 82.  Visit the page here.  Also, I share more pictures on instagram than anywhere else, if you want to give it a look, or follow me, click here.  As always, thanks for reading! ^_^

Update 7.29.14


Just a quick update.  Been spending the week so far contacting vendors interested in being reviewed.  I am still going to do mainstream brands, but am going to focus more on indie brands because they are what don’t irritate me and I love buying from the actual person who makes it.  If you are a vendor, or know a vendor, or even want to see someone reviewed, let me know!   I hope everyone is having a fabulous week thus far!   Till next time.  ^_^