Play Love Laugh Review


Today I have something different for you. I was sent product from Play Love Laugh, a vegetable and fruit based peel off nail polish for kids. Unlike regular polish, it peels off after soaking it in warm water. This is exciting for me since my 6 year old daughter like to have her hands in her mouth all the time. I was sent two colors for review, Really Teally Fun and Sweet Purple. I included my daughter in this review since hey, it is for kids! Up first is Sweet Purple.



As you can see it’s a very pretty purple with shimmer. I did my nails normally to see how it would work for me as an adult, meaning, I used my normal POBC, and topcoat. The only thing with this is because it isn’t normal nail polish clean up with acetone didn’t quite work well. Any big clean up spots I found I could peel off and then get the finer pieces with my acetone brush.

Due to the nature of the product there was dried polish in the top of the bottle and it ended up having just a few chunky bits in it, but nothing overwhelming. The polish dries super fast with no smell at all, opaque in 2-3 coats.

Products used: Dainty Digits Polish Glitter Be Gone basecoat, Play Laugh Love Sweet Purple, I, A.M CustomColor DiamondPRO topcoat.



My daughter’s blogging premiere! She was way to excited to be working with Mommy on her blog. With her application I just put the nail polish on, no topcoat, since that kind of defeats the purpose. As you can see it’s still sparkly just with not as much of a gloss finish. I’ll post an update on my Instagram on how it held up on her, but she does chew her fingers and is rough on polish, since she is 6. She liked it a lot because it dried so quickly. Dry time is always an issue with her since she wants to get up and go, but it wasn’t nearly as bad with this polish. Opacity with this one was two coats.

Products used: Play Laugh Love Really Teally Fun


Here we are together, my favorite shot of the entire review! In the end, I think this polish is an amazing product for someone looking for a natural polish, or kids. I will absolutely use this on my daughter again, me, probably not. Not that the product is bad, at all, I just didn’t like clean up for myself, but I hope to pick up more colors for my daughter in the future and phase out her normal polish. All information for the store is below, and as always, thanks for reading! ^_^

Main Site


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